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Nikos Mourikis was born in Aigio
In 1974 he began his studies at the Architecture School of Genoa. He continues to the Polytechnic of Milan, where he graduates with Excellent.
He participates in painting exhibitions with surrealist painter Francesco De Panis, Enrico Berland at the age of 20. He is fortunate enough to meet the new trends of painters "Gruppo Del Campo Pisano", founded as a pioneer around the 1950s.
He worked as designer at "Studio D 'Arte Medusa" with Sculpture Quinto Testore with a fruitful and decisive involvement in the design and implementation of high architectural design with dense visual content. He participated in the restoration and restoration of works by the well-known sculptor Jio Pomodoro, on the Achile Lauro cruise ship.
He was invited by Professor Gianpierro Calza to teach and research at the headquarters of the History of Architecture and Architectural Design of Cities, Carrying out important research work on the conceptual and historical shaping of the Border, namely the border.
In 1983 he returns to Aigio and establishes Studio
Nikos Mourikis Architecture where he produces urban architecture with personal style .
At the same time he draws and studies the history of art. He writes in newspapers and magazines.
He has presented his painting at group and personal exhibitions and international gatherings, awarding commendable criticisms and distinctions.
His works are in private collections in Italy and around the world.
Significant historians and Cretans of art have dealt with his work and rank him in the bold avant-garde.
Paolo Levi "LA REPUBBLICA", Flavia Motolese, Vittorio Sgarbi, Silvio Riolfo Marengo, art historian, philosopher, Academician. The latter two are also associated with personal friendship.
He is a member of the "Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece" by decision of the committee after presenting a sample of his work and gaining unanimity.
He loves classical music and loves Gustav Mahler.