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It is a return of Nikos Mourikis in Liguria, a happy return. My encounter with him dates back to when, in the first half of Anni ' 70, attended the Faculty of Architecture of Genoa. It was then graduated with honours at the Politecnico di Milano and, back to his
Homeland had put to good use the skills acquired in Italy realizing, at various locations in Greece, architectural works able to renew the classical elegance and vigour through the skilful use of stone, wood and bright sun invasion in open spaces.
Since those distant days spent in Liguria, Nikos was distinguished by qualities of sharpness and sensitivity; but it was also ebullient, fervent, volcanically passionate ideas. Exploited every cue that afforded him a landscape, a substance, a human encounter to indulge supernatural available to arts manifested in childhood and subsequently expressed through the appropriation of the techniques more varied and surprising: from metalworking (had restored, for example, a large sculpture of Gio ' tomatoes Board the "Achille Lauro") to the practice of photography, from scavenge marble skillful manipulation of the clay to make pottery. But the most exalted passion ever since remained unscathed in the then years was that for painting that, in this solo exhibition opened today at Alassio, is revealed in all its splendid maturity I alluded to the spirit of classical perfection that his imprint Opera. It's an imprint that Nikos is brings in, to be born in the cradle of Western civilization, but also because of the seriousness of his studies and the balance have a pictorial culture oriented towards the example of Velasquez, Goya, of the Flamings. It has become so increasingly aware that the essential task of art is to represent the eternal values of life, through a strong language and thoughtful clarity. But clarity doesn't mean

Here we are faced with a simple language or, even worse, simplistic. Beckman said that the only way to the invisible is the visible world. Even for Nikos what goes into picture pushes the Viewer to guess what goes beyond the image, in a delicate balance of opposing strengths: reality and dream, past and present, rigour and emotion. Taking place for years at the Center of his interests, the human figure, Nikos has created a prodigious Gallery. Flawless in build the layout of the whole, it is also very careful to make with precision every detail, every little detail. It is, therefore, a "realist" painter, but it is if this term also refers to an inner reality, a concrete interest in the man and his destiny, which occurs mainly when his painting becomes an intimate Chronicle, daily. I refer to the beautiful portraits that performed taking as a model his partner Jenny and a girl Moroccan, two complementary and different but equal, somatically beauties in feeling, embody the essence of femininity Iberia: attractiveness, charm, passion, the harmony of the soul and the body. This ability to infuse the reality a dream and through the dream better understand reality, is the strength of this view, the crowbar with which Nikos also opens doors for us in the mystery of existence.

Silvio Riolfo Marengo.


24 ΖΩΗ ΚΡΥΜΜΕΝΗ_resize.jpg


              1. ROMA’GALLERY IL LABORATORIO from 03/02 to 10/02/2014

              2. VERONA BIENNALE DELLA CREATTIVITA from11/02 to18/02/2014


                 “WOLKING  ATTIRE   PIRGOS - GREECE Latsio Municipal Hall, Saki Karagiorga Square.

              4. SIRACUSA PALAZZO DELLA CULTURA from 14/06 to 30/08/14

              5.GENOVA ART EXPO 2014 SATURA GALLERY PALAZZO STELLA DAL from 05/07 to 19/07/2014

              6. ORTIGIA (SIRACUSA)Personal Exhibition IN PALAZZO MONTALTO from 27/07 to11/08/ 2014

              7. ART EXPO GENOVA 2014. PALAZZO STELLA ΑRΤ GALLERY SATURA 2014                           

                  Genova - dal 25 ottobre al 5 novembre 2014

                  Nikos Mourikis - Le ombre della passione


                  SATURA - PALAZZO STELLA
                  Piazza Stella 5/1 (16123)

                  S’inaugura sabato 25 ottobre 2014 alle ore 17:00 nelle suggestive sale

                  di Palazzo Stella a Genova, la mostra “Le ombre della passione”

                  di Nikos Mourikis a cura di Flavia Motolese.

                  orario: da martedì a sabato
                  ore 15:30 – 19:00

                  vernissage: 25 ottobre 2014. 17.00

                  curatori: Flavia Motolese

                  autori: Nikos Mourikis

                  genere: arte contemporanea, personale




                   8. Personal Painting Exhibition atPANAGIOTOPOULOU HALL – Aigion which took place                                      03/11/2017 to 19/11/2017. Exhibition title: “From Innocence to Seduction”

                  (sponsored by ERT – National            Greek Television Broadcaster).

              9. Personal Painting Exhibition at Municipal Art Gallery of Piraeus  from                                                            09/ 16 / 12/2017 Exhibition title: “From Innocence to Seduction”  .

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