The universe of the Greek artist Nikos Mourikis is a

portrait of lyrical beauty of the complexity of the human soul. Beloved subject is the female figure, whose pluck with extreme sensitivity the essence, revealing the secrets of the heart: more than objective reproduction of reality, the author prefers the allegorical and symbolic narrative/orchestration. The leitmotif which seems to take his art is love in all its facets: passionate, carnal, intellectual mother. Universal feelings which transcend time and space uniting the great protagonists of the myth in real life, people brought together in a single portrait. The main source of inspiration is the complex of traditions and iconography of the Mediterranean area. Mourikis work manages to reveal the love of mythology and classical art restoring timeliness of ancient stories with the search for an interpretation cultured and original at the same time. His works are pursuing the difficult balance between recognition of iconographic sources or personal content and creativity. The artist is equally interested in the contemporary world as evidenced by his muses.
The skilful use of light enhances the figures that seem to emerge, prove to be the dark, alternating light-darkness, recalling that Caravaggio, create volumes, stresses the anatomical tension of the body and gives drama to the scene. Like a gash in the gloom of intimacy, the gaze of the artist captures moments of private life, where more than real faithful transposition counts the psychological introspection. The vibrant depth of black backgrounds on which stand out the characters, the spatial composition, the accuracy of details and the drapery fabrics recall the great names of sixteenth-century painting, elements that go beyond fascinating obscurity of meaning revealing a strong conceptual and emotional pathos.

Author: Mario Napoli



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